Recipe of fried chanterelles with potatoes

Chanterelles are one of the most popular mushrooms, with valuable benefits. And fried chanterelles with potatoes – it’s also incredibly delicious!

Mushroom lovers should pay attention to the fact that chanterelles cannot be stored for long periods at temperatures more than ten degrees.You should process your mushrooms as quickly as possible after collection.

Roasted or braised chanterelles have a delicious flavor. Soup with chanterelles, fried chanterelles with potatoes and onions, and pies with chanterelles are very tasty. The cooking time of chanterelles is about 25-35 minutes.

Recipe of fried chanterelles with potatoes is very simple.
Soak fresh chanterelles for 20-30 minutes in cold water.
Take a pot, pour water into it, and when it boils, throw the chanterelles.
Grab an onion, peel it and cut into half rings or quarters. Pour into a pan some oil and fry the onion. Add your already cooked mushrooms to the onions .
Pour oil in a frying pan nearby. Add the potatoes into the hot oil. When the potatoes will be almost ready, add the mushrooms with onions in it. Leave on for five minutes to stew and the dish is ready.

This dish can be prepared a little easier: mix chanterelles with potato in the middle of cooking. This will save you time.