Delicious chanterelles

Chanterelle is delicious and healthy mushrooms. They always look so juicy, fresh and never worm-eaten. In this article, you will learn when to harvest chanterelles, where chanterelles grow and how to collect them, how to distinguish the real edible mushroom from the false chanterelle, some useful properties of chanterelles and what is the use of these mushrooms.

You can find chanterelles in a mixed and coniferous forest. Chanterelles grow in the shade of the trees, but in wet weather, they thrive in open glades. Сhanterelles grow families or groups like many other mushrooms. Chanterelles grow in groups, so if you find a mushroom, look at the land around. Look under leaves, twigs, pine needles and moss — there could be more mushrooms. Cut the mushrooms gently.

The false chanterelle is more bright yellow-orange color outwardly, with a hollow and thin legs. The edges of the cap are smooth, unlike the true chanterelle, form close to a circle, and the color is even orange-red. The flesh of the false chanterelle has a very unpleasant smell. Beware of false chanterelles!

Chanterelles have in it some necessary for human micronutrients (copper, zinc, selenium, copper) and macronutrients (calcium, phosphorus, sulfur). In addition, the chemical composition of chanterelle mushrooms discovered components that make this mushroom unique: hinomanoza, Ergosterol, Tromethamine acid and other