Medicinal mushroom chanterelle

Cantharellus cibarius is a unique mushroom that is well known by all novice mushroom pickers. Photos of chanterelles are very popular on the Internet, so after reviewing them you will not be able to confuse chanterelles with other mushrooms.

Mushroom pickers collect them most often on stumps covered with moss. Basically, these mushrooms occur in large populations and growing groups. Period of July – August is a good time to pick chanterelles.

There is a significant difference from other mushrooms growing in the coniferous thickets. You may notice this if you look at the photo and description of chanterelles.
The caps of these mushrooms have the color from yellow to light orange. The flash from the back side of the cap is yellowish and grooved and the stripe of chantarelles mushrooms differs from other mushrooms by the porous structure.

Chanterelle is a mushroom with medicinal properties. Its therapeutic properties are very specific. Also, there is practically never happens worms in chantarelles. This happens because chanterelles contain a natural antihelmintic in it, which called hinomannoza. This natural substance can not cause any side effects. Hinomannoza just blocks the nervous system of helminths but provides no any damaging effect of human organs.